Our Australian based science lab utilises leading encapsulation technology, creating world class clinical actives for treating, targeting and supporting the reduction of  superficial and deep wrinkles caused by Ageing Skin, Pigmentation + Melasma, Sallow + Uneven Textured Skin, Large Visible Pores, Poikiloderma Of Civatte and Rosacea.

Our formulated system works synergistically to produce an enhanced action on the skin without the irritation. Enabling people for the first time to use the highest percentage, clinically proven actives together, safely. For the results driven and time poor this system is for you.

Amanda’s Cute face Blog.

“If you are looking for a cosmeceutical skincare that delivers medical grade results at a fraction of the cost of some luxury brands, I highly recommend checking out Cosmetic Society. If I had to pick a top 3 products to start with, I would recommend the L-Ascorbic Acid 20%, Retinol 1% and Active moisturiser.”

The Founder.

With over 30 years of experience in the skin care industry as a Dermal Science Clinician. Bonnie has developed an easy to follow system of actives designed for busy people. Demystifying complex acids so you dont have to. ” I have taken the complexity out of high efficacy acids and made it easy for everyone to use as a complimentary system for the first time, without the fear of causing barrier damage,  at the same time, treating the skin with the highest percentage actives possible. Liposomal or encapsulation nanotechnology is my secret weapon stored within all Cosmetic Society products. It allows receptive access to the deep layers of skin to treat skin conditions effectively.  After all, what we really want in a skin care regime are amazing results”

– Bonnie x


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