Welcome to Cosmetic Society.
I am so glad you have chosen to try the Cosmetic Society anti-ageing skincare collection to improve the appearance of your skin.

These products are specially chosen for compatibility and combined to fit together in the correct percentages, PKA (acid strength) and bioavailability, in a Liposomal, nanoparticle delivery system to create the greatest changes possible in the skin with all the added benefits of active botanicals.

Cosmetic Society products have prolonged and sustained release systems in place assisted by a slow enzymatic breakdown. This will help prevent any reactions caused by fast release systems.

My interest in skincare and aesthetics came at a young age.

I did not doubt in my mind that aesthetics was the industry for me. I was obsessed with beauty and colour and always played with my Mother’s special facial products.

As an adult, I pursued studies in Health Science and worked within the industry for the next 29 years servicing some of the world’s most glamourous models and movie stars. I took on further studies during this time in Dermal and Cosmetic Science. This is where my love is, the science behind the change. With indisputable clinical studies, my understanding and respect grew into an obsession to create a basic, highly efficacious system that is beautiful and affordable to all ages, women, and men alike. My journey was driven in part, by this type of product not currently available in the marketplace. It is important for me to have beautiful and practical things around me and when I was developing Cosmetic Society a few important factors had to be considered. The product needed to be a highly sustainable skincare system that delivers what it has promised and it was equally important that everyone could have access to it, so I have made it affordable by avoiding the rather large mark-ups that can be added in certain environments. And last but never least, I wanted the bottles to be beautiful in their settings. Combining these three necessities along with countless hours of hard work and research has led to the launch of Cosmetic Society.

The Cosmetic Society product range is a multi-functional nanoparticle sized, liposomal delivery system.

Liposomes are tiny round sacs filled with an active ingredient. Its purpose is to get past the outer layer of skin and have a biological effect on its target cells initiating change and improvements. The size of the liposome is measured in nanoparticles of 200nm, this enables safe and effective entry.

The point of such technology is to protect the active ingredient by encapsulating it. This process stops the active ingredient from becoming exposed to oxygen and other cosmetic compounds in a formula that will degrade its efficacy (rendering the active ingredient useless).

Cosmetic Society uses opaque bottles to prevent any light from entering the vessel and causing a breakdown of the active ingredients with an airless delivery system to prevent oxygen degradation. Light and oxygen exposure can render a product useless. It is important you do not remove the lid on your products at all. This will introduce air to the formula.

Each vessel is vacuum piston-driven and will sometimes require a few pumps to get started.

I truly hope you enjoy using your Cosmetic Society skincare products and I look forward to answering any questions you may have via email.


Bonnie x