C O S M E T I C    S O C I E T Y


Welcome to your new Skincare routine. A little note below to help you understand how our products work together safely. 

Cosmetic Society products are a harmonious active treatment plan. Meaning the ingredients within each product work together. If you choose to add or subtract a different brand or ingredient product, you must clearly understand that an imbalance may occur within your skin, potentially causing excessive peeling, sensitivity, and breakouts. Educated skincare uses will understand generally what they can swap in and out of a routine but if you are unsure, please drop us an email so we can clarify the safety of doing so. Cosmetic Society Retinol 1% is a highly active keratolytic and we do not recommend mixing it with a Salicylic acid product unless you are confident that your skin can accept two highly keratolytic products together.



Apply 1-2 pumps of Active Cleanser to your fingertip’s morning and evening, with a small amount of water and massage into the face neck and decolletage, removing daily sunscreen, makeup, and debris. Cleanse twice if you are wearing makeup and sunscreen. Remove cleanser with water then use a gentle cotton towel to pat dry.



Apply 1 – 2 pumps of Gommage- Exfoliator once a week to your fingertips then apply to your face, neck, and decolletage area with a small amount of water, gently move in a small circular motion around the areas to release dead surface cells for a polished complexion. Do not overuse the exfoliator as you could disrupt your skin barrier. If you find it too exfoliating for your skin, incorporate it once every second week.


3a. SERUM. L – Ascorbic Acid C 20%

Apply 1 pump only of L Ascorbic Acid C 20% only in the morning after cleansing and after exfoliation. Placing the serum onto your 3 middle fingers transfer onto both hands, pat lightly around your entire face and then spread rapidly onto your face. Take one more pump only to the neck, and decolletage area. It is a strong thicker type of serum and its best not to over apply. You can add a small drop of water to the product to help spread it faster. There is no disruption to the potency of the formula to add water and it is best to do so. Let the formula set in before light application of Active Moisturiser and then follow with SPF 50 daily.


3b. SERUM. Retinol Clinical 1%

Apply Retinol Clinical 1% only in the evening, and only pea size (1 pump), for your entire face. Another pea size for your neck and decolletage areas. You can add a tiny drop of water to the serum to spread it further if you choose. This will not interfere with the formula, and it can prevent over exposure to the product for those who like to use too much Retinol. Alternatively slow introduction every third night for the first week, can be useful for sensitive skins by adding 1 pump of Retinol and 1 pump of moisturiser and applying it over your entire face, neck and decolletage. No more than that. Avoid eye transfer by using a tiny pump of moisturiser first around the eyes , side of nose and around your mouth area. Then apply Retinol + Moisturiser mix. This method can be used for the first 2 weeks , then every second night for the following 2 weeks, then every night during the 5th week and alone going forwards. For those who have sensitive neck area. Using Retinol 1% in a moisturiser mix on the neck area can be less irritating for you. Retinol must be kept away from mucus membranes, (eyes, mouth, and edge of the nose). Please see our website for listed contraindications for the use of Retinol. Do not use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or within 6 months of chemotherapy or if you have an allergy to vitamin A.



Apply Active Moisturiser to your middle fingers and gently spread over the face, neck, and decolletage. Let the moisturiser set into your skin for 3-4 mins before sunscreen application. Do not over apply Active Moisturiser.

1 pump should cover your entire face and 1 pump to your neck and decolletage area.


  1. SUNSCREEN 50+.

Sunscreen is not negotiable when using Cosmetic Society products. Our products are high efficacy actives; therefore, you can burn more easily, causing damage to your skin from UV exposure and pollutants.

We recommend only 50+ as it is the highest protection sunscreen available. Protecting you from 98% of UV rays.

If you have reactions to sunscreens, we recommend you use physical or mineral sunscreen such as  Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide that reflect and scatter UV rays.


Please direct any questions to info@cosmeticsociety.net.au 

I hope you love your new routine; I know your skin will.         B X