Winter Skin and what you need to know to prevent dryness, flakiness, and dullness during this icy season!New healthy cells and super hydration are key.

1.Cleansing :  twice! Once to remove daily sunscreen and pollutants and twice to clean your skin of dirt and dead cells.

Cosmetic Society Active Cleanser contains lactic acid to hydrate and removes debris gently from your skin without compromising your skin’s delicate acid mantle. We do not want to strip the skin so keep hot water at bay. Use tepid to cool water to clean your face. A hot shower on your face will do you no good. Stripping essential fatty oils from your face and breaking blood vessels as they rush to the surface to cool your skin down.

2. Exfoliate :  We want to see healthy new baby cells at the surface of the skin, this gives your skin that super bright healthy glow. Use once or twice a week only. You will have to judge how your skin responds during the winter. Do not over-exfoliate your skin, this causes surface irritation that presents itself as itchy, dry red skin that takes several days to disappear. Physical exfoliating only once a week can be enough for some.

Gommage – Exfoliator prepares your skin by removing loose flakes from the surface and at the same time delivering essential fatty oils of avocado and rosehip to keep your lipid barrier happy.Enzymes within this formula speed up reactions within the skin so the skin is functioning at its best metabolism preventing dull, dry skin.

3. Serums : Yes Yes Yes! , all the acids you can get your hands on. Retinol 1% speeding up those new baby cells to the surface. Killing off free radicals from diet and pollutions.

L- Ascorbic acid brightening and tightening surface blood vessels, preventing redness, and thickening and strengthening our skin’s protective barrier.Both our serums Retinol 1% and L-Ascorbic Acid 20% contain super hydrating acids, antioxidants, and fatty acids to repair and prepare your skin.

4.Moisturise : Fatty moisturising factors are needed during the winter period due to cold dry air and indoor heating sapping the moisture from your skin, causing surface flakes, redness, irritation, and breakouts caused by stripping the skin barrier. Moisturiser was essentially made to combat moisture loss though adding an occlusive layer to your skin which prevents water loss. Not all moisturisers, however, contain occlusives or hydrating agents. They can be thin and unhelpful.

Active Moisturiser contains everything your skin needs in one bottle, which is why we only do one type. It’s highly engineered to battle nature’s aggressors by delivering moisturising factors, fatty oils, and super-duper hydrating acids to your skin without your skin ever feeling heavy or occluded. Our formula will not cause pore blockage, even though we added shea butter in a healthy percentage.

5. Water :  You cannot drink too much during winter. We tend to forget to drink water as we are cold and not always super active. But the atmosphere will sap all the water out through your skin and it’s as vital as any other season to keep up your water intake, between 2 – 3 litres per day. Your skin will love you for it and so will your body.


Bonnie   x